Monday, October 21, 2013

Graduation Speech

20th October 2013
Hotel Primeira Kuala Lumpur

Assalamualaikum and very good evening

Yg Berhormat Datuk Dr Adham Baba, Chairman Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), Yang Berbahagia Prof Dr. Mazliham Mohd Suud – President UniKL, Yang Berbahagia Tn Haji Abd Rahim Hashim Pengarah Kanan Bahagia Pendidikan Tinggi Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA), Yang Berbahagia Prof Dr. Azanam Shah Hashim – Vice President (Academic and technology) UniKL, Yang Berbahagia Prof Dr. Sulaiman Sajilan, Dean UniKL Business School, management teamof UniKL, Lecturers, organizing committee, graduates and alumni UniKL Business School, fellow fiends and guest.

I think is still not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all of u. So, how was ur Raya?is it good?ade kejar2 lembu x?nahh I’m just kidding.
Frankly speaking, I’m a bit shaky standing up here infront all of you to gives a speech. But hey! I’m a Ubizzian! Hopefully I can do this well. BTW I’ve been told to give a speech in 15 minutes time but hopefully I can end it up  early.
Ladies and gentleman, lecturers of the faculty and my fellow friends who is known as Ubizzian (thanks to Boy the founder of Ubizzian name!) , I am very pleased to speak to you today on behalf of first batch graduate. I welcome you all and hope that you feel as proud as I do to be part of this great business school.
Ladies and gentleman
I loved it here.
I loved it here. But it wasn’t always easy to.
It wasn’t easy to read all those long books.

It wasn’t easy to learn all those long words.

It wasn’t easy to wake up for all those early morning classes.

More than anyone else, you! Class of 2011, the very first ever batch for UniKL Business School!
Here, together, we endured. We wallowed. We revelled. And now we’ve emerged.
We’ve emerged better read, more passionate than when we had begun

We’ve emerged more confident and more confused than when we had begun.

We’ve emerged as the smartest we’ve ever been. The most engaged. The most creative. And the most sleep-deprived.
We’ve emerged as the selves we were meant to be. Whole and complete. No postscripts or footnotes.

Finishing our studies and passing our exams is a major milestone. Looking back, I remember my first day here. I was scared. I was embarking on such an important journey. I knew very little about life, my study area or the university. But thanks god, since day 1, I’ve already met marvellous and awesome person which is now is my good friends! Hey! it is You guys! It is you!

Thanks friends for enriching my life, thru all bitter sweet moments that we share. All of you have helped me grow to be matured and hopefully to be a better person. I still remember we also have a morning break together at city campus cafeteria-enjoying our Roti Impit and Sejora.-do you guys remember? Ahha~ also not to be forgotten the delicious Yong Tao Fu and Nasi Ayam. Huh! Suddenly teringat pulak!! 

We also sometime go for Karaoke session at Sogo or BB plaza while class gap. Thanks to the student’s card that we have, which help us a lot to enjoy. Nah I’m just joking again. 

The best part is we always take the very3 last moment to study for our final exam! And what we usually do is we stay up late at night till morning sitting in the group having a discussion, arguing about what’s question that will come out tomorrow and so on. Fuhh~ hopefully none of you will do this again if let say you guys continuing your further study.-owh gonna miss all this moment-

All thanks to the commitment and perseverance of our lecturers. Dr Sulaiman which is the coolest dean ever that we could have. Dr Cordelia who taught us about so many things. One thing that I could remember during Dr. Cordi class is she allowed us to use our creativity to answer the questions that she gave to us and what we do is that we use the colourful magic pen. We also combine all the method that we know, for example the awan2, love2- you know mind map. Mdm Marhaini who always been there to help and guiding us on the transfer credit (thank you madam!)  Sir Sidi (lecturer garang yg paling budiman!), Doc Lan, Doc Ya, Dr Razak, Mdm Ijun (our mummy!), Miss Lily, Mdm Maz and also to all lecturers who guide us on this journey.–Thank you so2x much for sharing your knowledge n wisdom with us and for instilling in us confidence.-this is the special part-

Not to be forgotten, the management team – Kak Akmal, Kak Ain, Kak Ida, Abg Shahril, Sir Maznim, Kak Lin, Sir Fuad and others- Thank u so much!!

Kudos to MARA for providing the support for many of us to experience tertiary education. Thanks MARA for the full scholarship. We are so proud be MARA scholars.
I can’t predict the future:, what the world be like when we return for our 25th reunion in 2038. Will we have sustainable energy? Will global conflict cease to exist? Will Pierce’s plumbing finally be working?
What we know is that whatever paths we take, it won’t be an easy one. We know we will have to endure again. But we will be prepared, like Tennyson’s quote, “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
And we know we will emerge, again. And however we emerge, each and every time, we will be known as Ubizzian alumni, as people who know that what’s too easy is apt to be boring.
And, let me tell you, Class of 2011, boring, is the one thing that we definitely are not.

Sometimes the memories are sad, because we know it will never happen again. So I’m gonna tie you to my heart, keep the memories in my mind so I will never lose all of you. To finalize, once again I would like to say a trillion thanks deeply from bottom of my heart. Thank you for the precious time that we have shared together and I wish best of luck to all my beloved friends in the future undertaking. Thank you also to Boy once again who helping me preparing for my speech. Last but not least, I will end  my speech by inviting Ubizzian to stand up and give a big round of applause to all UniKL Business School lecturers for their great effort and support.

trillion thanks to Iznan Zulkhalil, Huda Idzualfian
Dr. Cordelia Mason coz help me to prepared this text!
it's hard for me to find hoe to do a speech in google..
so this is for ur guide.