Friday, June 13, 2014

I have a lot of things to do..yea admit it as a bride to be and m the eldest one..a lot lot lot of things that i need to handle and settle by my self. Yea people may said that i can ask for their help but i need to think and plan what we should, the pros and cons. Is it acceptable to give this or not. Is it suitable and how about the cost. Furthermore, if i just a b2b its ok, but m a student that have a lot of assignment and thesis need to be done. Need to go to the class, have a discussion with a group members (but i skip that because of too busy). Class will be held on weekend every month! IF i want to complete my master with in two years. hurm!sigh -.-'! And if i don't have a class, u think that i can rest, have a time to shopping, spa, hangout this and that??? NO WAY! As a freelancer make up artist there have no weekend for me. Weekdays?? M a hr person. So many things that I need to settle include hear for staff's problem. They will share with me their problems and i need to give them an advise even i don't ever face that kind of problems before. have a counselling session with them and do all the hr do. And i just wondering about my situation, with who i can share my problems? I have a lot but with who? at the end i just keep it myself and cry as i can. No one will put their leg to my shoes because i know how suffer m i and only me knows hoe to handle my situations. Talking about problems, can i start??? Keep like hell and suddenly it will become worst because of the shit happen continuously. Feel like i need someone to talk and i need my bff. Right Now!