Tuesday, June 19, 2012

about me

 38persons's voice!!!it's true!

  1. brave and kind
  2. penakot dan  banyak makan
  3. sama dia kuat makan
  4. confident
  5. awesome
  6. sewel
  7. comel =)
  8. creative
  9. speaker
  10. LEADER
  11. strong
  12. semua ado
  13. bising
  14. cool 
  15. x kesah
  16. kreatif
  17. lots of idea
  18. strong ahahahaa
  19. talkative
  20. open
  21. gemok
  22. lantang
  23. my best sis
  24. wow
  25. sporting
  26. kecoh
  27. kecoh 
  28. garang
  29. weirdo
  30. kecoh
  31. scary
  32. pelik
  33. noisy
  34. fast
  35. good leader
  36. unique
  37. very faster
  38. bising
  39. and I the number 39..use word BELIEVE to describe about myself..why believe??because at the time I was scream at that time I'm stuck, I the only one who build my confident, my strength,and start look forward.. I really doesn't care what people think of me because all the thing they wrote or said it just from their eyes and heart..for those who are work with me, they know what I actually doing and they know how i done my work...but as a friend I really do that I want they look me at normal perspective..I  hate to being more serious but in task or job I really do.

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