Sunday, April 17, 2011


Date: 17th April 2011
Location: Golden Farm Kuang Selangor
Project paper for subject Entrepreneurship. Mem Marhaini's class.

Yeah for this time our group (me, Mira, Nazz, Bard) need to complete our project paper..after nazz try his luck then we got "livestock" as our major topic that we need to interview the owner and ask anything that was related with our subject..then mira was told us that she have one!!omg..v are so excited..the thing that v heard n make us very excited when mira said about goat!!owh cool babe!!then today!yeah i m wake up early in this morning..last night i can't sleep because of this..and so on..yeah excited to kuang-have a meeting with Pak Cik Mat..well first2 nampak cam garang(ye la police pencen kot) rupenye gile best kot!!thnx pak cik..he is very friendly and easy going oke..byk sangat gambar video ape sume..but the whole things with nazz..he will do an editing and so no pic here kay!!!then td-kenyang nye kitorg pak cik mat bawak g makan kat kedai pak tam..urm everybody was ask him-"pak cik!anak ke??" and guess what..he say "yes!".hehehe gile best kacau kambing..tgk kambing balik ada bau ah..ahahaha cun???next i will upload and share with all of u guys..our pic with the goats!!so far our project going so good and i hope this presentation will be enjoy and would be the best among others!!haha crazy!then cause of very excited!!i forgot to do the report!!haha it will b next!
pak cik mat..tetibe saya nak bela kambing macam pakcik!!

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