Saturday, January 1, 2011

::after 5years:: with my chiqa...after 5 years we dont meet and see..just gosip at fb n msg2 only...miss her so much...yeah lady day out la today...after i see my cousin at the morning im go to klcc to take my ipod then chiqa call me::iqa!!!ko katne..dtg la wangsawalk!!::oke sweat la...haha then we hugs n kisses each and guess what will be happend after that...jengjengjeng..kikiki------->gosip girl channel was started..yeah..we talk a lot...she very beautiful right now..n im so cute..kah3..well well well btw even im very tired but because im very miss chiqa..i need to go to see im arrived at home..enjoy to hang out with my best friend at my hostel..fisz..she send regard to u...hehehe

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