Thursday, January 20, 2011

::must settled::

urmurmurm...need to settled all the thing before i cont my study...urm i cant do a freelance job cause i need to stay at unikl's hostel at bangsar!!owh no...its compulsary for a new student like me..sokay lily just one sem only..::okey sedapkan hati::ergh..i need to prepare all the thing..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...sick!seriously..i dont ever think to stay at hostel because my campus is near from my god!!why this could happend to me..argh3!!then????urm just follow je la...giloi giloi giloi giloi im just write the thing that i need n must to settle...urm i need to tell my boss that i cant do freelance at his company..owh no!!!really love that could i get the side income when i stay at hostel...owh no!!!

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