Wednesday, March 2, 2011

::today in my class::

yeah i have a quizez to day..i got 5.5% over 10..that was a multiple choice for e-marketing quize…the question is so tricky then im very confius with all of that…aha~next time u should give shotr essay answer mr sidi..and i got a technopreneurship book for doc abd razak for rm70…yeah it so expensive..that was a student price…then tomorrow i got techno quizez..also in MCQ question…owh!!that was in the text book and the note!jyeah…urm i got problem with my loan..i need to go and see the exec and clear all the problems..owh…its a bad news…why could this happend to me…no one can help me right now..and i need ur help anymore..just want to know why i should face it????ergh its hard to me right now…urm im just twenty two…why i had so many problem here….and why me????just forget about it..jyeah!doc cordelia was give me an assgment!!yeah its cool because i no need to write the essay but im just need to draw a comic style that show something…yeah use my creativity and talent that i have,..aha!

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