Sunday, February 20, 2011

"First of all, I will explain to you what I understand for your lesson today in Creative Problem Solving class. Before you came to our class, I have no idea about this subject. The question mark is on my head. What actually I need to learn. Until you proceed to 'ice breaking' session, I feel happy with that. Oh how creative you are to make a different things on this session. Its not a boring time that us (students) need to heard the same things. You make it different with your creativity and imagination. The way that you use make us very enjoy to introduce ourself and our friend. I'm just imagine that I'm Ana Raffali and at the same time its create an ideas for me to explore different ways to introduce my friend. Its cool right?? I love your ways that I got so many idea to communicate and remind my friend name. And this the first tackles issue....." This my 1st assessment from Doctor Cordelia..i need to do an essay about what i'm get and what is creativity is .........................shhhhhhhh!!

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