Friday, December 17, 2010
urm like a crazy the movie alone!!without my friend n my lovely bro n sys...aish quite busy with her friend..manja just need a rest because she need to work by tomorrow..urm im wacth NARNIA-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!! and eat spagheti ..ergh3..alone at klcc!! bottom on my heart..i feel so sad..yeah my very close cousin will be married n i not her wedding day..but she doesn't call or tell me anything..may be she should ask me..where.what n why..urm whatever!!!okey...above its my story at last sunday..12december2010 very bad day for me when im alone at my lovely mama n lil bro n sys was come back...urm...but i dont know why im so want to cry...really love my grandma...urm...thnx to kak lin..give a prezent for my birthday.. hehe the sweet..its snow of my favorite princess..urm its rain at kuala lumpur now..i hate him!!!!really hate you fucker!!!u hurt my mom's feelings..u hurt me also...i hate u!!!u r one of the guy who was make me hate you till i cant forgive u anymore..even u very good with me right now!!the point is i hate all about u..

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