Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reason please::

can u give me a reason why i shoul approve u as my friend..but at that same time i need to beware and i dont know who u are...why i should accept u but in my head im just think that u r a stalker...my heart said that u are bad people (-_-) is it???hurm..my first impression for those i dont know is always negative...thank you very much...im a straight people..n i dont care about other's feeling..sorry again..its better for all right...but for certain case if i forgot who u are..u can recall me as u can..hehe i got alzimer actually..huhuhu forgot about friend..forgot about where i put the key or may be my lipglose or sudoku...urgh..its hard for me...but thnx god i cant forgot the people around me...who love me..who is my boss..n so on...i dont forgot how to done my task..but my schedule i always forgot..thats why i need to write at my diary or maybe put on my phone calendar..sick right..haha what i can do..just do nothing la right..hehe some times i can do so many work at one time...i can sudoku..listening the ipod..speak..write the message..n clean up my room...hahaha then i can cook n make my kitchen tidy..listening radio..and wash the glass bowl cup n so on..ngah3..like what ah??
glitter-graphics.com nanny maybe..wahaha

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