Friday, December 10, 2010

story telling at my office..haha story telling time kids..hahhaaha guess what???i need to read a fairy tale story to my big boss son...hehehe just read and improve my skills how to make a sounds..wakaka so funny!!jeng jeng arrived at home at seven just looking for the other job that releated with what im study before...i got one...and not for this time..just need it when am was ready to take that kind of responsibility...last night i called ummi::urm am so happy when i heard her voices..she's oke with me..i feel like she love me...i can feel it!!omg..hahaha thnx ummi cause accept ur daughter in law..hehehe..thnx ummi::dannysh do not know me..may be my voices is different like before..he call me 'kakak'!!hahaha ur so funny son..he got a fever!(-_-)..feel sorry dear...::urm..mama want go back to our village at long working!!!huwaaaaaaa!!k.anis will marry at 13dec..on this coming monday...what i can do..just give the best wish for her n her future husband...urm whatever..

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