Tuesday, December 28, 2010

just feel happy n really peaceful when i heard my ab and dannysh's voice...hehe im just wake up in the early morning and open my fb account..and i can see..how romantic my bf to keep me..haha i saw u..he send me the perfect two song...hahaha so sweet..huhu so tired today...last night ab join the karoke team at his friend's wedding..owh until the midnight he was singing..yeah..that one of his hobby..he love to sing..and disturb me and dannysh..anoying!!haha joke3..im just kidding dear..ab ko me vvvip(very important princess)
glitter-graphics.com..hehe is it??? yeah im the princess..n now..ab was disturb me...haha only we know..that will be the secret things..haha no la..he just talk a lot behind me and scream at me..and he go to shower..hahaha..love u ab...

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