Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i dont know why but i feel very down..yeah im fat so what???u guys got a problem with that???do i care???huh~~nvm::::urm i just sit n make my self shut..n start write the post..yeah it about last just finished my shower then i got the phone call..huhh~~it from my bestfriend::fisz::she's stuck at klcc..urm the train ::LRT::got technical problem then she can move anywhere..she park her car at gombak terminal..yeah~~i need to pick her then send her a gombak..hehe we r talk a not waste my many story that i need to tell her n so many story that i need to heard from her..haha ::anis nice to meet u sweety(bajau buddies)::yeah i really happy to meet with fisz..even for a short n limit time...its because she need to go back to rawang...yeah frez..i really miss u girl...urm about that boy..just ignore it oke..then thanx to ::manjalyana::on call with me when trafic jammed was attack at danau::urm they repair the road::~sick!urm manja i miss u...when im free..i will pick up u there im really bz...ab::raj::im really miss u ab...when u want to came i need to take my shower..daaaa~~thanx for the reading

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