Saturday, November 3, 2012

honestly im so tired for tomorrow event..hurmmm yesterday i hv meeting at 10 2 pm i arrived at home, n i got msg to see my lect at 3pm cause my proposal was rejected.. n at 4 i need to go to menara mara for final site many things to do..and its was rain..after all i need to settle up the hampers at maju junction..and need to find out 40 souvenirs for trivia quizez!!!what the fucking busy day...all these happen coz of v got last minutes event..m so 7pm i arrived at home then at 8pm i go to 9 m go to pd's house to settle up my assignment.. and last nyte m sleep at 4am then wake up early in d morning n hv a grooming from 9am until 4pm (and what a happier things when my proposal was accepted then will proceed to final stage~alhamdulillah)..rush to menara mara n start b bestfriend with my organizer...n now m free  from all more assgmnt,no more proposal, no more organizer, n no more last minutes event after this.. T_T