Thursday, November 4, 2010

am i the big boss?!

im working start im only fourteen...its so early for the other people to manage the business..but that what i could do when school holiday or may be a weekend....yeah i start to help my mom's boutique at Maju Junction Mall..there i got to handle the Batik many foriegner came to my boutique and buy the things that they alone at there..and i the younger between the other saller...mama was pregnant::aidid::at that time..and i learn so many things....i start to open the heena shop at there cool right...hehe then we got a problem that we need to close the boutiqe there coz the other company was take over at that place...btw its not a big prob bcause my mom was open the other boutique...yeah...its until now...after im finished my being a boutique that we call a ::rezeki::for the working day i will going to class and weekend i will go back to kl then just want to know about my least i have the things to do right??hehe and until now...weekend is not a rest days for many wedding that i need to manage...omg!!!the flower for the arch is not enough!!huwaaaaaaaaaa...but nvm i will get it after this...yeah i dont care who u r..but when u'll be my client..i'll give u the very good n cun :meletop the bom::serve!!yeah just b who u r...n respect the other people...people can respect u all my staff just all the best for what ever u want to do...::chill::~~

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