Monday, November 1, 2010

::hurm..what i can say is nothing...just fed up with her!!crazy!!u think u r the perfectionist person??yeah u cover ur attitudewith ur "tudung"::very the tutup aurat::whatever..but urself is so suck..i hate u because of this..may be somepeople will talk about us..then they will said that the things was happend is because of me..cause im not the ::solehah:: like u...u said im ::sial::bodoh::biol::celaka::n so on..i just shut my self and said one word only::crazy::u very SENTAP ke with that word..hurm do i care..??u think everypeople love u...yeah u r right because of u..HE scold me..thats what u want right???no body know what im feel now...but thanx to ALLAh because SHE understand me..SHE scold u because of ur mistake..then just take it a simple la..dont b like bangang people..just one more thing i want to say::that i never ever forgive u anymore and its will not happend once more again::we are not be together because of ur fucking attitude..then plzz get away from my life and u will happy with ur life::i hate u more than word fucker!!

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