Friday, November 5, 2010

its dangerous

yeap..what actually was happend is about the adies!! am my spelling was right??hehehe yeah i want to talk bout mosquito...alif's friend was pass away at last night at GH maybe..she only 14..hurm alfatihah n feel missing too...she got a ::denggi berdarah::owh she actually is our neighbour n her mom is raifana's ustazah....urm what we can do right..just u guys..take it is the serius things...when u got a fever..please go thru the clinic or hospital...papa actually 3times incharge to the ward besauce of the of my late father bestfriend also death because of denggi..hurm so sad right...the healt department just came to our area at this morning n spray the gas like the rixsect..urm so smelly..then i just wake up because the sound is so annoying..but nvm coz it for we get a better life living...then..i think i forgot something..think think think n think...omg!!!my drees!!huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...i was wash that at last night..then i must do it twice!!ergh!

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