Thursday, November 4, 2010


hate this kind of part..still wait for the antivirus downloader!!ergh!!!yesterday i must do at my office make sure i'll do my job well...then now mama ask me to check her here n now!!yeah like step's song...i like that melody it make me felt excited n wanna to scream!!laugh loud actually...keh3 urm and i like to heard leona's song::i see u::ost avatar..omg its so cool::the liric is so damd much like want to the long distance with my strong imagination...the part of the lirics that i found n i like is hurm3...u teach me how to see a beautiful thing(that sound is something like that)i'll sacrified my live for u(haha this part also)im not sure its real or not but the sound is still the same right..haha..crazy..owm..i still remind about ::aidid n raifana was fighting..haha raifana said that aidid's eyes look like POUL!!omg hahaha poul the squid"memorial"hahaha n aidid start crying!!haha siot je::its so funny when i look at them..comel oke!but when i saw the old people are fighting**eyuk!!not suitable oke>>come on la...da tua bangka...goli den^_^ urm so many things was around in my head...but i still trying to relax my mind..ergh!!my back feel like sengal2 n kebas...argh!!y..whats going happend now..just want to finish my word..n say i need to go..eghr!!just take over my place someone...please3....

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