Friday, November 12, 2010


ergh!!~for 2and half hour im in the car on the road from ampang to setiawangsa::trafficjem atack today::it make a more headache::ergh!so tired!!why ah today is a bad day???at the early at this morning also jem..i arrived at my office at 9.35am!!ergh...then..its a fluke when i got a sporting and very understanding boss..hehehe cool right...and i got so many folder that must be done!!orgh!!!hurm what i can do...just do la right??hehe...urm i dont know why but im very sensitive when someone will be anger with me..but i just ignore that things..look like dont know anything that he/she talk about..haha do i care??but inside::SENTAP weh::i hate a people not accept the opinion of others..urm why should u dont understand people feel???u thing u r good??but u r not...then u will
embarrassed with urself n the other...come on just the girl...
not like u..always ::nak just express here..because i dont want to talk a lot..better for me to shut myself...i have an when im tension with all of u..i just do a havoc at my lovely right..its better for me...this my life...n im alive!

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