Saturday, November 6, 2010

i dont know

urm something was around over my that the truth or i make a big mistake...urm whose the wrong n whose the true...why this should happend to me..what am saw n what im heard is so different..not the real..may be someday i will meet both of them..then heard what is actually not my problems..but it will became my problem...u..u are beautiful..u had a skill..u hd a tallent..but why this happend to u...n u..u have everythings..y should this happend to u too...urm i dont know why..just have no idea...its better for me to think about my bride business..easy right..i want to add the pakej for babies...::cukur jambul::at least them know that i can be their event management..quiet easy than i speak more..for me..its better for me to speak less about my business..

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