Sunday, November 14, 2010

take a rest

fuh...last night i had to go to k.lin's house...::kenduri doa selamat::ashraf nak sunat::hek3..tired weh...but i eat more la last cake.spagethi.nasi tomato.::haha so many right??at twelve o'clock i arrived at my home..weh~~jammed!!at the midnight kualalumpur was jammed??crazy..i dont know why..maybe the trafic light very fast..or maybe certain car move slowly kot...urm..ab going to ofshore..if im not mistake maybe on 30 nov..ab will be back...urm 17days not with gonna miss him...::nasib la::urm as usual..before i sleep i will read a book.magazine.novel::last night im just take a scary story..novel wrote by TAMAR JALIS.. "fire from the grave"..well im just read than make myself into that story..n then i feel so sleepy..hehe::cuak kot::~~~now im just wacthing a melodi at fatihah to arwah not familiar with him bcause he is the old singer::zaman2 mama::so im just familiar with his song..owh..~~bila terpejam lena..jasadmu bla3...~~ urm..miss ab

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