Saturday, November 6, 2010

whatever u want to wish..i'll make it reality

im ur planner..such like the thinkerbelleverything that u all imagine..or want something like fairy..n just on ur mind..i'll make it a real one..not a fantasy...but ur wedding is great like fairytell story..yeah..its so beautiful..i got two couples for today that their wedding will be manage by aida n ms intan...the colour for aida is combination purple n white with the tradisional theme..she in engagement event actually..she look a model because her body more to love...n intan is a greatest wedding when she choose modern contemperory that would be the gold colour...owh she very simple but look nice n beauiful..but i very frusted when my camre doesn't work!!!!argh!!just wait for her fotographer::n i guess i can get it a month or maybe 2month after this...but its not a big problem...yeah im very tired..urm so many people look like me n sokseksoksek..i know la i dont wear the ::baju kurung::so what!?its up to me i care???btw i think they dont know..who m nvm...its not a big matter la..whats the important thing is when the guess ask :mak pengantin:who the wedding planner..then they will look at me n mama with the big smiling
until the ears..hahaha aida n intan..wish u guys happy until the end of this world n hope u get so many cute babies!!
yeah3, really tired...urm sorry to my ab..thanx for the understanding....happy when i got u ab...when im bz with work..u just wait me till i settled all the jobs..thats what i want..but ab is very caring when he will ask me where ever i go...but not for the whole time...he know when is the time that i really need he..then when we miss each..ab knows that he need to come to kl n see me..hehehee love u ab!!

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