Wednesday, November 10, 2010


im still looking for mr.s...urm its missing again...i dont know..who take him..but i try to find it everywhere in my house but hwat i get is ::sawangsawang::je..urm..i think maybe someone in this house so jeles when i always with mr.s...hurm up to me la...anything i want to do..i just do...urm now...the time i feel alive is when i dream at night...huhu..sweet...fantasy world::high be the queen in my world..with the all things::white coloured::owh beautiful...i will walk with the blow wind..owh damd beautiful..its so good for me to relax my many thing that i must to think n solve the problem..::if something like the things that related with myself..i just take it easy...just dont care whatever people around me told about me or about the just try to being myself...try the best for myself...just try to happy with what i have..i just fedup when i :sentap::owh its hard to me to throw it...urmm n never come easy...for love..i just wanna fall in love with u..try the best for u...n never hurt u..n also anyelse around me...but how bout me...they can hurt me..make me feel down till the earth..owh!!~~why should this happend to me..what i can do is quiet myself..just miss with my would be nice if i can sleep for a whole day...sound good right???im tired to be a normal tired to be who m i right now...i just want to sleep...n sometime i think that why should i alive??but i dont know the reason why i should breathe....may be i need to know how the taste "of a death"::urm no wonder la everypeople look at me with unusual view...cos im freak right??urm::now i just feel like want to cry..:'(

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