Saturday, November 20, 2010


urm sometime i dont know..the people around me had feelings or just quiet then my heart will cry coz of them..ergh!!~damn..i hate hipocrit!urm that was happend to me right now...that ""setan""::belagak+tunjunk baik+tayang sifat penyayang yang mcm bodo::whateva!this is ur time right::who care??i never ever care whatever u do!freak:stupido:like bitch::urgh if u read my blog::i dont care::nak sentap"SENTAP"la fucker!do i care...but u r very good actor in this world..but at the real site just make them happy when u want something...then when u think like they does important for u..u just left them with their broke heart..huh i know always heard them story to me..they hurt with ur attitude::until sometime they dont want to care bout u::but u like what i said before..u r the best actor::L! urm i hate u...dont ever speak with me..let me feel alive with my world..dont ever disturb my life..yeah sure!i'll leave all of u...coz not the big people::look into the positive site::haha just remind the word important..hurm hate u fucker!im dying now!

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