Sunday, November 28, 2010

just me in my life**

sorry guys..for those who i have sorry..its not come from my inside...from the bottom in my heart..i really miss u guys...but what can i do...i need to remove some of u...i know that was my fault...but its doesnt mean that i hate all of u guys...i dont know why till i can i just want a good life for me without the instructions of others..i dont care bout the other feeling..whatever u r::i dont care::let myself n my is like a dance...i will dance n make a people hold me first but when i cant follow u..just let me dance by proud to be myself...n i will manage by my own...sometime i feel like owh its so sweet when im just thinking about my self...nobody can angry with me..dont need to indebted with the other people that was very kind with me..its make me sick when i feel like a "doll"!!ergh..dont ever disturb my life if u want to comes into my life..sometimes i feel like the oppressed..I do not like when somepeople being to strictly with mylife..ergh!tension>i dont care how ur feeling right now<::but plzz dont ever ask me about this or i will leave u......thank you n this is from my own..i need to rest..

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